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Will woman fuck fish off for woman to watch

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As you might be able to tell from the headline, this post spoils one particular aspect of The Shape of Water.

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With apologies to ogf foremost poet of our ageeveryone keeps asking me if she fucks the fish-man. Okay, so: This is not one of those grey, downtrodden outcasts we meet so often in movies.

This is a woman with a healthy lust for life.

Cut to halfway through the film, after Hawkins and the fish-man played by frequent del Toro collaborator Doug Jones have shared an intense emotional moment. The time is right: Hawkins fills a room with water, takes off her clothes, and the new couple share an aquatic embrace. But del Toro discreetly cuts away before things get too explicit, the cinematic equivalent of a coyly raised eyebrow.

In the very next scene, those of us who are intensely curious about the physical logistics of a woman—fish-man relationship get what we came. Not literally. They definitely boned.

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Or gilled, or. By way of demonstration, Hawkins puts her hands together flat, and then flips them around so that two of her fingers are protruding.

Anyway, the point is, the fish-man has a penis hidden somewhere up there, and boy does he know how to use it. I know the sexiness has been honed in on in the press a little bit. Sorry, Doug.

To find ourselves vulnerable and naked in front of each other was part of the beautiful tale that Guillermo was telling. But yeah, she totally has sex with the fish-man.

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