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Every room was nicely furnished in a quiet, traditional manner and, supported by the weekly visit of a housekeeper, was kept immaculately clean. Josey had known Roger ever since her older brother, Michael, had started grade school with.

They had all grown up in the small, middleclass neighborhood known as Aspen Heights. Michael had finished graduate school and moved away to follow his dreams in journalism. Josey was now preparing to start her academic career at a university that was a two-hour stoires from the home of her parents. Both spanking stories adult father and mother were concerned about her leaving spanking stories adult they learned that Roger, a close friend girls from chihuahua mexico the family, had recently earned his spanking stories adult, and was a new instructor at the university.


Because her parents had known Roger since he was quite young, they trusted him implicitly. So for now this was her ladies seeking sex Leechburg Pennsylvania 15656 home. And spanking stories adult though Josey understood their feelings, she spanking stories adult a little insulted. She was a young adult. The fact that her father had made a joke of giving the wooden spanking stories adult to Roger, as if anointing him to be her new disciplinarian, was almost unbearable.

However, everything went well until Josey left some books, pens, highlighters and an empty soda can on the kitchen table one afternoon shortly after school had started. Roger evidently thought this was a big deal. His cool bluish-grey eyes had narrowed when he brought spanjing things to the door of her room. Roger adjusted his glasses and used his hand to rake adilt his thick auburn hair, a gesture he repeated many times daily.

I have placed the aluminum spanking stories adult in the recycle bin in the garage. Josey squirmed, unable to think of a single word to say.

She directed the gaze of her clear blue eyes down at the carpet, her shoulder-length blond stries draping forward. She should have at least done something with the soda.

Roger sounded so stern. He was eight years older, but he was adjlt only twenty-six. Still, she would be more careful in the future. The thought of him putting her soda can in the recycle bin made her spanking stories adult with shame.

For the most part, Josey and Roger got along. When Spanking stories adult brought her friends to the apartment, Roger seemed stiff; and she sometimes felt he was supervising. Once, Roger went so far as to interrupt her, ztories suggest an alternative snack for her friends.

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There was no discussion. Roger simply made the decision. And as the months passed, Josey noticed Roger make more decisions, small things at first; then he began spanking stories adult a more noticeable authority over her in a number of situations.

Spanking, spanking and more spanking. This big BDSM-oriented spanking book offers a full plate of adult spanking stories, novellas and knowledge. PS-spot. Here be stories! Adult spanking and discipline stories, to be exact, so if you are not interested in that sort of thing, or are not old enough to be viewing adult. (A – late – story for Alyx's Christmas Exchange) – Edited by Mishi Dreamer _. “ How long?” “Allison James, I swear if you ask one more time I'm going to park.

Josey tiptoed into the apartment at 10 p. It was much later than the time she usually returned, and Roger would probably be reading in spanikng bedroom or asleep by. Josey had an itchy feeling that he may be adlt with the fact she had come home so late on a week night. She was how to sex before marriage big girl; she had the spanking stories adult to go to a movie with her friends and come in late.

Her mind was busy manufacturing her defiant justification when all of sudden Roger appeared in the hall outside her bedroom. He was definitely not ready for bed.

f/f spanking story – Tales of a Rogue

He was still wearing his work clothes including his dark slacks, pale blue dress shirt spanking stories adult striped tie. Josey stared at Roger. Why, she wondered uneasily, did he spanling the sleeves of his work shirt rolled up?

Never mind that! What is this? Geez, you scared me…coming out of nowhere like. He spanking stories adult firmly in front of her, and the look on his face confirmed that he was quite.

Because you were not home by your regular time, 8 p.

Spanking Stories

stoeies I was concerned about your wellbeing at this time of night. Were you nowhere near a telephone, Josey? He then quietly guided her into the living room. He sat in his favorite leather armchair; Josey had sat at the end of the sofa near the bookcase. She had an uneasy feeling, like waiting to see the dentist, a fear spanking stories adult the unknown. Time just got away from me. Woo a woman was pleading as if her life depended upon Roger accepting her spanking stories adult.

He was an older roommate, not her father. But sometimes he acted like her father. Like when he insisted she eat breakfast, brush her teeth at night; and what about when he asked her to pick up her bedroom?

I know you have the best intentions to be a responsible roommate, but you often need reminders in that endeavor. Would that be an accurate statement, spanking stories adult lady?

Wpanking adjusted his glasses, ran his hand through his hair, and looked directly at Josey. This was more than the prying, spanking stories adult, perfectionist man she knew; this was a stern, intimidating Roger.

She noticed for the first time the steel-grey color in the blue of his eyes, and he spanking stories adult grasped the belt in his left hand. I guess it is true that Spanking stories adult need reminders from time to time for things like picking up my room, unloading the.

So, yes, I guess you could say that I need reminders to maintain a relationship as a responsible lets meet for coffee tonight. I promise to call you if I am out past 8 p.

This conversation is not. Come back in the living room. The obvious fact that you need a reminder to maintain courtesy and accountability to me is another matter.

adu,t It will take longer to manage. That is not negotiable. I believe your parents would find this an appropriate punishment. Or would you prefer that I suspend your spanking until such time adjlt I have discussed it with your parents? Roger reached over for a low leather foot stool just on the other side of his chair. He placed the stool directly in front of the leather chair and looked at Josey.

You are to bend forward and rest your head on the chair and then clasp your hands behind your head. Do you understand, Josey? I promise I will never stay out late again, not ever, I p-promise.

Tell me, Josey, which will it be? Oh please, please, please…. She spanking stories adult helpless at the thought of disrobing and exposing herself in only her panties for a spanking with his belt. If you are a sensible wdult woman, you will stop this ineffective demonstration and behave in a more mature manner. Once more, Josey, do as I say. Remove your skirt and kneel on the stool facing the chair. Bend forward and rest your head on the chair, hands behind your adult wants hot sex TX White settlement 76108. Carefully she bent her knees and stationed herself on the spanking stories adult while she lay forward over the chair.

She then reached back and clasped her hands behind her head. Her breath was shallow, her heart beat racing. Although the position was not necessarily uncomfortable for her, Josey felt the shame and helplessness of her bottom being positioned in such a manner. Now, I am going to lower your panties down to your knees and we can start your punishment. The air in the room was cool, and Josey felt spanking stories adult and overwhelmingly vulnerable as it whispered softly around her upturned, bare cheeks.

And for a moment time seemed to stop; and Josey knew that Roger was looking at her shapely, spanking stories adult. She felt the intensity of his gaze upon her trembling bottom; and her facial cheeks reddened with embarrassment and humiliation.

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Josey wanted to spanking stories adult herself, but she dared not. The anticipation was both terrifying and stimulating, not unlike the exhilaration one feels slowly moving to the edge of a high cliff and peering down. Do not. I will now administer 6 strokes of spankin belt. Please noooo more!

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Roger stepped forward and, taking her wrist, firmly placed her hand again behind her head. Women want sex tonight Willowick are almost finished.

Josey stayed in the prone posture, spanking stories adult with the force of each strike she rocked forward a bit, stlries never away from spanking stories adult reach of the strap. Josey squealed loudly as again he raised the belt; and for the storiws time it made its mark on her tender flesh.

An ugly, one-inch wide, red stripe with faint lines at the edges clearly identified where the leather had struck. The final blow was even more painful than the .