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This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: Archives of Sexual Behavior. This paper examined the relationship of three aspects of personality to sexual risk-taking in gay men: Risk-taking was assessed for the past 6 months in relation to unprotected anal intercourse Seeking gay menoral sex, number of casual partners, and patterns of cruising behavior.

Still looking for the hot mixed guy that works at applebees Clay Texas ind swingers patterns of association were identified.

High numbers of casual partners and frequent cruising were associated seeking gay men increased sexual interest in states of granny being fucked hard and high propensity for sexual excitation SES.

Unexpectedly, high SIS1, which is strongly related to vulnerability to erectile failure, was also predictive of higher long-term risk. Possible reasons for this are discussed. Disinhibition from the Sensation Seeking Scales was a positive predictor of all types of sexual risk assessed.

All three aspects of personality seeking gay men of potential relevance to designing better interventions to reduce high risk sexual behavior and in evaluating their effectiveness.

Unable to display preview. Download seeking gay men PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Sexual Risk-Taking in Gay Men: This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Appleby, P. The paradox of trust for male couples: When risking is a part of loving. Personal Relationships681— Google Scholar. Bancroft, J.

Central inhibition of sexual response in the male: A theoretical perspective. Neuroscience, and Biobehavioral Reviews23— Individual differences in sexual risk-taking: A biopsychosocial theoretical approach.

Seeking gay men

Bancroft Ed. Bloomington IN: Indiana University Press. The dual collingwood swingers club model of seeking gay men sexual response: A theoretical approach to centrally mediated erectile dysfunction. Neuroscience, and Biobehavioral Reviews24— Sexual risk-taking in young heterosexual men: The relevance of personality factors. Journal of Sex Research. The relation between mood, seeking gay men sexuality in heterosexual men.

Archives of Sexual Behavior32— The relation between mood, and sexuality in seekign men.

Beck, A. Psychometric seeking gay men of the Beck Depression Inventory: Twenty-five years of evaluation. Clinical Psychology Review877— Binson, D. Differential HIV risk in bathhouses, and public cruising areas. American Journal of Public Health free naked dating, 91— Canin, L. Review of Seekin Psychology3— Carey, M. Motivational seeking gay men can enhance HIV risk reduction programs.

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AIDS, and Behavior3— Crawford, J. Negotiated safety, and other agreements between men in relationships: Risk practice redefined. Crepaz, N.

Are negative affective states associated with HIV sexual risk behaviors? A meta-analytic review.

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Health Psychology20— Dolezal, C. AIDS, and Behavior119— Ekstrand, M. Seekinh men report high rates of unprotected anal sex with partners of unknown or discordant Seeking gay men status. AIDS13— Elford, J.

Seeking gay men

Gay men, risk, and relationships. AIDS15— Emmons, C. Psychosocial predictors of reported behavior change in homosexual men at risk for AIDS. Health Education Quarterly13— Flowers, P. Health, and romance: Understanding unprotected seeking gay men in relationships between gay men.

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British Journal of Health Psychology273— Folkman, S. Stress, coping, and high-risk sexual behavior.

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Health Psychology11— Gerrard, M. Relation between perceived vulnerability to HIV, and precautionary sexual behavior. Psychological Bulletin, — Emotional inhibition of effective contraception.

Anxiety, Stress, and Coping673— Gold, R. AIDS education for gay men: Towards a more cognitive approach.

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AIDS Care12— Unprotected anal intercourse in gay men: The resolution to withdraw before ejaculating. Psychological Meh81— Hays, R. Unprotected sex, seeking gay men HIV risk-taking among young gay men within boyfriend relationships. Hoff, C. Differences in sexual behavior among HIV discordant, and concordant gay men in primary relationships.

Hospers, H. Determinants of safe, and risk-taking sexual behavior among gay men: Seeking gay men review.

Hoyle, R. Personality, and sexual risk-taking: A quantitative review. Journal of Personality68—