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By Jessica Hamzelou. A year-old transgender woman has become the first lactating transsexual recorded to breastfeed her baby.

An experimental three-and-a-half-month lactating transsexual regimen, which included hormones, a nausea drug and breast stimulation, enabled the woman to produce grams of milk a day. The transgender woman had been receiving feminising hormonal treatments for several years before she started the lactation treatment. Lactating transsexual included spironolactone, which is thought to block the effects of testosterone, and progesterone and a type of oestrogen.

This regimen enabled her to develop breasts that looked fully grown, according to a medical scale that assesses breast development based on appearance.

She had not had lactating transsexual breast augmentation surgery.

Her partner had no interest in breastfeeding, she explained, so she would like to take on that role instead. Instead, lactating transsexual woman decided to try using a nausea drug called domperidone to trigger breastmilk. She took it with increasing doses of the hormones oestrogen, progesterone and spironolactone.

lactating transsexual

Lactating transsexual the same time, she began to use a breast pump to stimulate her breasts. Within a month, the woman was able to express milk droplets. After three months of treatment, this increased to grams of breast milk per day.

Once the baby was born, she was able to exclusively breastfeed the infant massage for women london six weeks — during which time a paediatrician confirmed the baby was growing and developing normally and healthily.

After six weeks, the woman supplemented her breastfeeding with formula. This is the first case of breastfeeding by a trans woman to be lactating transsexual in the medical literature, say Reisman and Goldstein.

Safer agrees. If the treatment is proven safe and effective, lactating transsexual could benefit the babies of other transgender women, as lactating transsexual as women who adopt or those who have difficulty breastfeedingsays Safer.

This means the practice cannot yet be recommended, says Madeline Deutsch lactating transsexual the University of California, San Francisco. Lactating transsexual says she can see the potential benefits of breastfeeding, but that the long-term impact of this milk on the lactatkng — including on subtle measures like IQ — is unknown.

Nevertheless, Safer thinks there is likely to be demand for lactating transsexual like. Journal reference: Transgender HealthDOI: Read more: Why overzealous breastfeeding advice can be bad for babies.

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