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Giving someone a second chance

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What is an year-old racist NBA owner to do? Sterling believes we should all forgive him for making one big, stupid mistake.

This is his exact quote from the interview:. Am I entitled to one mistake, secknd I after 35 years? I mean, I love my league, I love my partners.

Am I entitled to one mistake? He has a history of being a bad guy. In chane HR world this is almost a daily dilemma.

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No second chance! This is what makes HR tough.

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Givin Jill was late without excuse. You get yourself in trouble when you start making decisions differently, for similar circumstances, based on things like gender, race.

But secknd Bill was a much better performer than Jill, should I give him another chance? What about true first time, one mistake issues? Second chance decisions are contextual.

He should be done forever. I have enough of the context. This is his exact quote from the interview: But should it work for anyone?

That really is the question for all of. Should someone, like one of your employees, get a second chance? Article Continues Below.

A frequent contributor to the talent blog Fistful of Talent, Tim also speaks at many HR conferences and events. Contact him.

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