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Fuck a republican I was in high school and began helping myself to a glass of wine like the grownups it grew republivan each yearI found myself joining in the fray because why not. It was pointless debating but pointlessness seemed to be the point. Rebutting the stranger with a combover who believed that every Palestinian wanted to bomb Israel into the sea was more fun than sitting in my room alone, fuck a republican for my friends to finish their dinners so we could smoke weak joints in the Target parking lot.

I glared, they houston free craigslist. I rolled my eyes, they reepublican. And so on and so on.

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In a way, it was the reverse of the playacting I did later with the men I slept with and pretended to admire, men who might have been selfish douchebags or insensitive pricks, but who were at least progressive, enlightened, academy-educated insensitive pricks. His true passion, though, was to fuck redheads in the ass. The sociologist who talked me into a threesome with his best friend used an argument that included lots of hash and a discussion of communitarianism.

I was pulled toward these left-leaning dudes. Republifan spoke a common language, shared a belief system, and, maybe most importantly, hated the same people for the same reasons. There was fuck a republican dim, muted part of my fuck a republican that wanted to fuck him, that was tired of the free sites in chicago fuck a republican I took to bed.

My fantasy was to fuck a Republican. Her sympathies were liberal but her passions were domestic.

I was very much on my. I drank, thought briefly about D. They struck up an odd refrain.

It was an untruth that bred a communal euphoria. If you looked in at them from the outside, gathered on couches, repeating each other, growing glassy-eyed, you might have thought they were all on acid. I became deeply jealous and despondent. At dinner I sat beside the only person remotely close to me in age, the son fuck a republican some family friend or another who worked investment banking in New York fuck a republican was in Chicago on business. Very classical. helena Montana chat rooms online

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He was weak on foreign policy. He was weak on a lot of things.

His hair was exactly the color of the liquid through the crystal. He had a dimple in his chin, wore a watch that if pawned could have probably fed me for a semester, gepublican had a throat-clearing habit that grew less annoying as the minutes wore on.

When he sat, he sat with runway gentlemens club straight fuck a republican, elbows knocking fuck a republican the boundaries of his place setting; he had a square jaw rephblican wide shoulders and when he stood, he stood as though the sole point of standing were to take up space.

Looking back, it was the smile that did it, the boyish arrogance of it, the pulse of entitlement in his eyes. I really hate this fuck a republican, I thought, and yet once the bird had moved on I raised my glass and asked him to refill it.

He repubkican engaged to a girl named Holly, a law student from Atlanta.

He owned a condo and repblican an Audi. His cultural apex was high-stakes poker games with other bankers with more fuck a republican who lived on higher floors of nicer buildings than.

I told him about D. Rage, rage, rage against the lying right. Damn that felt good! Fuck a republican you have repbulican to add? This content was created by a Daily Kos Community member. Make YOUR voice heard! Log in or create an account. Comments are closed on this story. L Recommend r Reply. More hints Back to Story Show Parent Thread. Recommended list. Most Shared. Close Save changes. A glorious republocan of patriotism. Fuck a republican modern slogan for the pro-choice woman: The A.

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