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I Am Searching Real Dating Erotic female doctor stories

I Am Searching Real Dating

Erotic female doctor stories

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Also would enjoy just messageting with. Will be able to leave during the weekends and it would be nice to know someone out. Lol i sleep alot to stockton and lodi during the week day eithe monday or tuesday. Email me some pics and number or just text them to me erotic female doctor stories nine five one eight zero seven zero zero beast dating uk four :). I do not charge for students and amateurs.

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We gather three or so times a year at a spa erotic female doctor stories for a cruise or just to kick back for a few days away from husbands and boyfriends and, now, a couple of kids among us. All five of us are successful sex vs age in satisfying careers, mostly happy in our relationships, and always supportive of each other when any one of us hits a rocky patch along the way.

I am the only one, however, with a job that includes directing healthy, young men to disrobe for me, to climb up on my examination table on all fours and drop their chests to the padded surface so that their firm naked butts are high in the air with their lovely cocks dangling freely beneath.

And it is quite nice employment. Being at a university clinic means the patients are mostly college students. My university serves a traditional erotic female doctor stories, residential student body.

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Talk to a buddhist online and sophomores are generally required to live in the dorms. I occasionally entertain our giggling group with a tale or two. They especially liked the telling of my experience with an initially truculent track athlete. Sprinters, you know, have incredible butts. Things seem to be progressing in that direction.

I femalee him, and I know he loves me. I count that as perhaps the single most important thing that has led to the success I now enjoy. Yes, I dated in high school, but without guys in the classroom there was not the constant loss of focus, the constant primping that invariably interferes with sustained thinking and working. My entire eortic got college scholarships.

And, yes, we were a normal group of girls—some pretty, some not so much, some interested in social work, erotic female doctor stories in teaching, some in science.

I am absolutely convinced, though, that my high school experience prepared me better to work hard in college as a pre-med major, to master the organic chemistry, to nail the calculus, to survive internship, to pass the boards, than a co-ed high school ever could erotic female doctor stories. Erotic female doctor stories the way I had plenty of boyfriends, but I suppose my high school experience predisposed me toward not taking macho, self-indulgent crap from a guy.

I had my smock, my stethoscope, tongue depressor, latex gloves, temperature wand—many of the accouterments that define a medical examination. erotic female doctor stories

We had such fun! What surprised housewifes sex Kenosha, though, was how much he got into the role. He pretended to be so embarrassed storiies I told him it was time to drop trou so I could check him for any sign of hernia.

Embarrassed young men in my exam room, their reddening cheeks speaking volumes about their discomfort at erotic female doctor stories a female doctor manipulating eerotic genitals, have always been my favorite patients. Go figure.

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Even on our first meeting, when he walked into a summer evening cocktail reception for one of the donors to storifs medical complex, I erotic female doctor stories his nice butt as it rounded out so deliciously in his linen pants.

The first time I saw him naked, I asked him to turn around for me just so I could enjoy the view.

He has strong, firm glutes that I love to grab and squeeze, so spreading him erotic female doctor stories for that part of our little role play was exciting both because I free xxx web cam Goreme his gorgeous naked ass firmly in my grasp and because it exposed his cute erotic female doctor stories asshole to my view.

Grinning, I lectured him as part of our drama: It is important that any signs of trouble with your urogenital system be caught early. Bless him! Storiez Eric really did have some kind of embarrassing docor with a doctor at some point in his past, but when he turned around, his face was red.

I took his hand, noting that his palms were sweaty.

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What a etories actor! Even though I will be very thorough, I will erotic female doctor stories gentle when my fingers are inside you. And on and on it went that night. I discovered how much Eric enjoys ass play. Away from the restrictions of professional decorum, I was free to play out my wildest fantasies as a doctor in charge of a naked male.

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Even Doctlr will never hear about. Only the comfort of anonymity and the process of writing this alone at my erotic female doctor stories allows me the opportunity to interrupt the story, as I know I will, in order to pleasure myself with fingers, lotion, and vibrator.

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find lady on ship And I will do this more than once erotic female doctor stories what occurred is without doubt—except for Eric—the most intensely erotic event I have ever experienced. Julie was erotic female doctor stories junior accounting major. She was not dazzlingly attractive in the way the sorority eotic with that reputation on free erotic s campus are.

I was taken aback by her straightforwardness in asking me questions during a visit for a pap smear. I almost dropped the speculum. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to provide important safe sex information—this is one of my duties in my job—I regained my composure to ask Julie what she meant. He really starts groaning when I begin finger fucking him erotic female doctor stories the ass.

He shoots a lot ertic cum when I do it. Our conversations had progressed to the point that I felt she considered me something of a confidant, and the last two visits she had been more frank with questions about sexual health. Before this examination, though, she never been this frank. Finishing with her check-up, I eased her legs out of double escorts stirrups and had her sit up.

She hopped off the table and reached to the chair for her panties—thongs—as she continued talking. Absolutely not! His asshole spasms around my finger. That is so hot.

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You know, to be inside him when he shoots and erotic female doctor stories him completely lose control. Plus, his groaning etotic a turn-on. She looked at me, startled. I raised my hand to interrupt. I did it on my own the first time because one of my girlfriends asked one of my other girlfriends if she had ever done it. I got curious.

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Julie was buttoning her blouse at this point, and I was trying to retain my professionalism as I walked to the stool I had been sitting on when she was in the stirrups. Taking a seat on the stool, I began erotic female doctor stories her chart.

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My nipples were very hard. Julie was describing my own sexual turn-ons as she related, without embarrassment, it seemed, what she liked to do with—and to—her boyfriend.

I looked forward to future instances when we would play like. So hearing Julie talk about this was messing with my mind, erotic female doctor stories ability to remain a professional who was helpfully giving some advice on intimate sexual matters to one of her patients.

Julie continued, nonplused. There are more nerve endings around the anus than at most any other place on the body, and I bet you and your boyfriend stoires already discovered those other places, erotic female doctor stories You have to be careful. No hangnails—ever!

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Then I pushed the conversation a little. I know I thought it. But what would you have done? I did have a responsibility to dispense information about safe sex along with prescriptions for birth control pills.

I was still sitting on the stool as we talked. Fortunately, my clinic smock, my blouse, and my bra concealed the fact storifs my nipples were hard with erotic arousal. God help me, so was my clit. I was struggling as I tried to maintain my role as her medical confidant. It was a relief not to be concerned about my moistening pussy being noticed. At erotic female doctor stories, not unless I really started lubricating, which would bring with it the tell-tale scent of female arousal.

What a relief to get that. etories

Erotic female doctor stories

No other conversation in three years of practice at the university clinic had ever gone into this level of detail on this subject. Erotic female doctor stories said that you liked the idea of being the one in charge of the sex when you stroke your fingers inside of. Yeah, I was still a doctor during this interchange, and I noticed the physical reaction telling me she was intensely interested.

Julie is drotic. So what Julie was looking for all along was permission.

She probably already knew where she was going to buy the strapon. At erotic female doctor stories point the thought did cross my mind that I was now at another fork in the road. Is that right? Would she think I had crossed the femle erotic female doctor stories the question?

Would she think I had finally gotten too personal, even though she was the one who brought the subject up and continued asking for advice? Julie blushed a little bit, but then rushed on, as though she wanted to prevent any chance that she would lose louisville Kentucky woman only 30 up nerve. Greene, I just stumbled on it. And knowing how hot it was to be inside him with my finger when he came, well, seeing that video really got me thinking.

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At this point I realized that I wanted to hear Julie describe the video. It is wrong. Julie erotic female doctor stories the edge of the table and leaned forward a bit. She was talking to a naked guy who was sitting on the bed. And his black Nampa slut was really, really hard—it was sticking straight up to ceiling, so you knew he was anxious for the woman to do .